Hot Shows!

Take this Quiz to find out which show you should see this week!

1.  Tonight for dinner I’d like to have:

a. Mexican, Southern Creole, I’m not sure… but I don’t want to cook.

b. No food for me… just a stiff drink.



2.  I am currently in the following footwear:

a. Crocs or Birkenstocks

b. High-tops

c. Manolo Blahniks/Jimmy Choo knockoffs gurl


3.  The neighborhood I live in is:

a. The West side dahling!

b. Southeast

c. SoBu (that’s south Burnside) or NE



Mostly A’s – You should come see SPILT MILK COMEDY SHOWCASEImage

Mostly B’s – You should come see HAMSTER VILLAGE with Funemployment Radio’s Sarah X and Greg at Mississippi Pizza Co.Image


Mostly C’s – You should come see NARAL’s Pro Choice Oregon’s Chocolate’s For Choice Benefit


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