#NerdNightOut SOLD OUT!



I LOVE playing with Portland geek songstresses The Doubleclicks, but especially when joined by the touring talents of Sarah Donner, who has a one-woman cover of Les Mis’ “One Day More”!  Last time we played together, she had me on my feet cheering like the musical theater junkie I am.

I’d tell you to join us but we are SOLD OUT! Those #NerdNightOut superfans are super fast with the advanced tickets. I’m told there is a wait list, so if you want to come line-up and camp out at the theater the night before the show, in proper nerd fashion, make sure your “Bri Pruett” CosPlay is ON POINT! Are you going to do “2011 Rockabilly Bri Pruett?” Or “2014 No-Bangs Bri Pruett: The Year of the Maxi-Dress”

I love summer! Hope you are living it up out there friends and fans.



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