2 BIG SHOWS Saturday August 23rd!

Great shows this Saturday, August 23rd! First up, this metal, brunch, comedy extravaganza!


Ressurection: The bruchening is: myself, Amy Miller, Kristine Levine, Dan Weber, Shane Torres, Anthony Lopez, Todd Armstrong, and host Trevor Thorpe, plus special guests. At the gloriously air-conditioned, Doug Fir at 1:30pm – Fight your hangover and join us! DUDES, Bloody Mary included in price of admission! Be there!

Then, sleep off your booze and come here…


Midnight Ma$$ One Year Anniversary – hosted by the lovely Amy Miller, featuring pretty much everyone, plus music from The Thermals. It is always MONSTER line-up, with always excellent special guests. If you are a fan of Portland Comedy and you haven’t been to this show yet… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!! COME SEE IT!

Also there’s a private after-party that you can come to if you’re cool. But it’s a secret, so maybe just shake my hand and get to know me after the show. SECRETS!

Hope you can make it, gentle friends!

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