BIG NEWS: I’m bringing STELLAR to Los Angeles, as part of the Solo Queens Fest at Bootleg Theater, 10/26-11/18. In addition to 8 performances of my solo show, I’ll be leading a stand-up workshop for women and non-binary folx.

Click the photo for opening night tickets and additional info!

Bri pruett's stellar - test

Written & Created by Bri Pruett

STELLAR was inspired by years of stand-up, stories and a well-organized list of romantic conquests. STELLAR explores sex, attachment, body positivity, dating online and laughing about it. These love lessons have been processed into bite-sized wisdoms and set to a Sade-heavy soundtrack.

STELLAR is an intimate night of R&B, surreal surprises, theatrical delights and real talk.

Dates: 10/26, 10/28, 11/3, 11/4, 11/10, 11/11, 11/16, 11/18

Bootleg Theater is located at 2220 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

Tickets $15.00 – $20.00

New YouTube Video!

A rare clean set about being mixed race living in Los Angeles, being a BBW in Spain and being a “big guy” in high school.

Video by Randall Lawrence
Taped at Helium Comedy Club, Portland, Oregon

Podcasts Drop in June

I’m rolling with my new digs in beautiful Highland Park, Los Angeles, California. Shows are coming up in July and I have some Podcasts for everyone who misses me in Portland and beyond!


This is a new podcast from my dear friend Amy Miller and her co-hosts Steve Hernandez and John Michael Bond (who are also my friends). They began this podcast to talk about the BIG QUESTIONS. Find out what prayers I whisper into the heavens and check it out!



My dear friend Alex Falcone has build Read it and Weep into a media empire! He made me get up early on a Saturday to watch The Mummy and then we talked about it. I think Tom Cruise is overrated and we need new TV stars because Chris Pratt can’t be everywhere. Anthony Lopez and other guest Jeff is super delightful!


STELLAR tickets available now!


Photo by Leah Nash of NashCo -Poster Design by Nicole Kennelly



I’M SO EXCITED TO DO THIS SHOW. Rehearsals with Jason Rouse started in FEBRUARY 2016. I’ve been developing these stories, imagining, playing at open mics and cultivating resources and images for this show all year and now I can tell you all. I’m so blessed to have people who support my work. My kind sponsors deserve all your patronage and the regular audience I’ve found through my column at the Portland Mercury, my radio show on, my weekly show Earthquake Hurricane at Velo Cult and the regular amazing showcases around Portland: It’s Gonna Be OK, Control Yourself, Cool Kids Patio Show/Doug Fir series, LiveWire!, and of course Late Night Action. This show is for my OG supporters.

What is this show? I just want folks to have a great time. I’ve spent hours working on the house music. I’ll be sharing stories and jokes and bits and juicy details and strategies and mantras about sex, gender, dating, hormones, attachment, bodies, and D’Angelo. Y’know, everyone’s favorite and most relevant stuff.

I’m busy with the show and out of town a lot in the coming weeks. See you in October!

Much love. -B